Quick Start Guide for PayManager

Here are five brief guides for the most commonly used features in PayManager:

  • New Password
  • Overview of Terminals
  • A Specific Sale
  • The Receipt
  • Revenue

Begin by navigating to and entering the personal username and password provided by Logos. After logging in, the PayManager desktop will be displayed, customized according to user permissions.

How do I change my password

It is recommended to change your password the first time you log in!

Additional Settings

Here you can select your preferred language.

If Help is enabled, you can hover over a button or menu to see a description.

This is where you log out of PayManager.

How do I get an overview of my terminals

By default, all your terminals are displayed under the Terminals menu.

If you have a large number of terminals, you can use Perspective on the left side to filter the view, e.g., by selecting a specific location.

Are my terminals operating correctly

In the Status column, each terminal will have a color code:

Green = OK

Yellow = Warning

Red = Error

For support and error reporting, contact Logos’ customer support during regular business hours at +45 2559 0191 or email us at

How do I find a specific sale

To find a sale, you need to know (A) the terminal where the payment was made, (B) the approximate time, and (C) the payment method.

A: Terminal

By default, transactions for today are displayed. The time and period can be adjusted.

B: Approximate transaction time

Note: If a payment fails, it will be marked with a yellow or red figure in the Status column.

C: Payment method

The payment method is displayed in the Subtype column.

If the payment was made with a credit card, the card type and reference columns will show the last four digits of the card.

If you do not see these columns in the report, scroll to the right.

Can I get the receipt

Find the relevant transaction and click the Show button in the corresponding column.


The receipt can be forwarded to the customer by clicking the print icon at the top left.

The receipt will show:

– Whether the transaction was authorized/declined

– The amount paid

– The payment method used.

What is the revenue for my terminals

On the left side, you can choose between several types of reports.

You can choose to see the list of all your terminals or filter them by location, for example.

The sales summary for all displayed terminals is shown below the list.

See the sales details for each terminal in the Revenue column on the right side of the window.


And by payment method

Use Payment Methods on the left side if you want reports for each payment method.

By selecting a specific payment method, the displayed columns in the report will change to show related quantities and totals.

Click Export at the bottom left to download the data into a spreadsheet.

The reconciliation report contains information about each transaction.

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