Backend systems

Reliable backend systems gives you maximum uptime and easier administration

Our backend solutions are customised to people who want to get the most out of their systems. It gives you efficient remote monitoring, good surveillance, customer-friendly solutions and easy administration.

Logos Connect

Logos Connect  is a cloud based fuel management system for the administration and remote control of fuel plants. 

In day-to-day operations, Logos Connect allows you to control prices (list prices and terminal prices), product restrictions and inventory, manage customers / companies (cards, drivers and vehicles) as well as view and print transactions, monitor the system via alarms and events. The solution has the following functions:

  • Administration of all connected apron equipment
  • Payment terminals
  • Pumps
  • Price signs
  • Level measuring equipment
  • Car wash
  • External alarms
  • System configuration

Complete overview of:

  • Transactions
  • Tank stocks
  • Deliveries
  • Alarms
  • Possibility of monitoring e.g. emergency stop. temperatures, theft, light, oil separator, etc.
  • Price management
  • Administration of customers, local cards, card restrictions, etc.
  • Central alarm monitoring and handling of connected equipment
  • Reports as well as options for exporting data
  • Email notifications

Logos Vision

Logos Vision is a hosted solution for simple and efficient remote monitoring of fuel systems in order to ensure maximum uptime and fast service calls in the event of a breakdown.

or an operator with many facilities over a geographically large area, the solution provides a simple graphical overview and the operating situation on a single screen.

With FuelWatch you also get the option of remote control and diagnostics of:

  • Alarms and transactions
  • Write message to the terminal screen
  • Open and close pumps / terminals / washing machines
  • Mirroring terminal screen for better on-site customer support
  • Terminal status
  • Surveillance via cameras
  • Alarm log and alarm statistics
  • Possibility of SMS notification in case of alarm

In addition, there is monitoring of all connected apron equipment, including i.a. terminals, pumps, washing machines, price tags, level equipment, cameras, I / O’s (key boxes, emergency stops, door switches, temperature switches, etc.).


WebWash is an easy, clear and powerful way to manage many terminals and multiple washing machines, customers and cards.

In day-to-day operations, WebWash provides the ability to manage prices, manage customers / companies as well as view and print transactions, monitor the system via alarms and events. In addition, WebWash generates various operating reports during desired periods.

Included in WebWash is an alarm module with all alarms from connected equipment in the system, including:

The terminal, i.e. printer, card reader, PIN pad, banknote reader, unauthorized opening of terminal, m.m.
16 pcs. external alarms, e.g. emergency stop, low level in chemical container, air compressor failure, m.m.

WebWash contains an e-mail register, where all relevant e-mail addresses are created and used for sending reports, alarms, etc.

WebWash handles the washing club at the terminal (option), where subscriptions and refueling are determined.

The functionality of WebWash includes, setup, configuration and real-time management:

  • Reports and statistics
  • Export of data
  • Locations & Terminals
  • Map
  • Transactions
  • Alarms (from all connected equipment – washing machine, emergency stop, compressor, chemistry level, etc.)
  • Prices
  • Companies, Customers,
  • Vehicles & Drivers
  • CodeWash for generating wash codes and filling out wash keys in an easy and efficient way
  • Administration of car wash club (option) where subscriptions and refueling are determined
  • Administration

WebWash allows you to combine searches in the program’s database in many different ways, which ensures an easy and efficient way to find, display and print information about customers / transactions, alarms etc.

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