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Logos Leadership Team

Casper Bøyesen-Laugen


Lars Clausen

Founder & CCO

Christian Lester



Christian Klausen



Jan Ilsø

Head of Technical Operations


Frank Riege Nissen

Head of Customer and Partner Operations

Thomas G. Nielsen

Sales Director Projects

+45 40 40 41 11


Michael Storm

Sales Director
Refueling & Car Wash

+45 27 15 70 30


Kenneth Jes Juliussen

Development Director

Henrik Strokirk

Business Development Director


Mads Toft Jølving

Director of Engineering

Logos Sweden

Stefan Wikenhed


Johan Lundqvist

Director Sales & Market
+46 (0)72 819 81 01

We try our very best to...

Simplify complexity: 

At Logos, we recognize the difficulty inherent in our work and strive to make the complex as simple as possible. The underlying complexity should be invisible to the customer.

Preserve flexibility: 

We are committed to offering relevant customizations and thinking in terms of open ecosystems, integrating seamlessly into our customers’ businesses. By accommodating our customers’ unique characteristics, we maintain the flexibility they appreciate and often struggle to find elsewhere.

Deliver great quality:

Our solutions are unmanned and typicially outdoor. We know that quality is key to success and true to the Logos brand. This includes maintaining a continuous focus on production, materials, service, and more.

Be easy to do business with: 

We ensure that our processes are modern and easy to conduct business with, prioritizing efficiency at every step.

Logos creates leading self-service payment solutions across a wide range of industries