Full-line supplier for petrol stations and fuel sites

More than 3.500 petrol stations and fuel sites in the Nordics use our payment and supervision solutions:

  • Petrol and service stations
  • Natural gas and biogas filling stations
  • Bus and truck facilities
  • Marinas

The solutions include pumps, payment terminals and registration systems with back-office systems and supervision and service.

In short, you can get everything you need for complete service station solutions for both private and open filling facilities.

Complete payment and monitoring services for filling and service stations

Discover our comprehensive solutions for petrol stations and fuel sites:

  • PaySys payment terminals (MID, EMV & PCI approved)
  • LocSys registration terminals for closed fuel pump systems
  • Logos Connect back-end solutions for network and system administration
  • Interface, control, and monitoring of forecourt equipment
  • Remote monitoring of fuel sites and equipment, including cameras
  • CNG dispensers
  • Tatsuno fuel pumps known for reliability and safety

Overall solution
for fuel sites

More than 3.500 references in the Nordics

The references include more than 3.500 installations in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Faeroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and France

Complete solutions

Regardless of the type and size of the fuel site, we can supply complete solutions with payment, monitoring and service.

Maximum safety

Payment and registration solutions are characterised by a very high reliability, and remote monitoring is available if extra safety is required.

Biogas and natural gas sites

Payment solutions and back-office systems are developed and manufactured at our headquarters in Denmark, and the CNG pumps are developed and manufactured at our subsidiary in Falkenberg, Sweden.

Deliveries include:

  • CNG dispenser STD11
  • PaySys UXL and LocSys terminals
  • Logos Connect

We are the leading supplier of these products in Scandinavia and getting a strong position on the European market. 

Terminals for private and public bus/truck sites

In bus garages and truck sites, Logos’ LocSys terminals provide reliable fueling solutions. For public sites, they accept international debit/credit cards and local loyalty cards. For private sites, NPS terminals control access.

Logos terminals allow registration of vehicle number, mileage, and fuel pumped, providing insights into fuel consumption and possible inefficiencies. Other products like AdBlue, motor oil, and washer fluid can also be registered.

fuel sites

We have everything you need to install a modern, unattended marina fuel site, including fuel dispensers, card terminals and back-office systems.

We make sure that all components are installed, set up and ready for use before our professional staff hand over the fuel site to the marina.

Our deliveries also include surveillance and service, ensuring that the marina fuel site does not run out of fuel or breaks down because of malicious damage.

Enhance Your
Fuel Site Operations
with Our Integrated

Backoffice system

The information is collected in an Logos developed back-office system, which generates reports, automatic exports, CSV files and similar.

Dispensers for fuel sites worldwide

We also deliver the dispensers for the complete fuel site and have long experience with pumps and other technical equipment for open and closed fuel sites. Our preferred AdBlue and Highspeed pumps are developed and manufactured by Tatsuno in the Czech Republic. The CNG dispenser for the increasingly popular gas driven busses and trucks come from our department in Sweden.

Monitoring and service

From our surveillance central, we can offer to keep an eye on your operations, i.e. that your terminals are running, and when to purchase more fuel. Our service-minded team will also make sure to order fuel from your supplier, so you do not have to worry about that part of operations. If somebody needs to take a closer look at your bus garage or truck site, we can send an experienced technician. Obviously, we know our own payment terminals and have for many years installed and provided service on complete fuel sites with pumps from Tatsuno or our own CNG dispensers.

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