UX700 is our next generation All-in-One device​

We now make our solutions available across verticals on the Verifone UX700 All-in-One platform:

  1. All existing use-cases, flows and features of the Logos All-in-One Platform

2. Key features and functions from our proprietary solutions for e.g., petrol stations and car wash incl.:

  • MID-certified forecourt control for fuel dispensers
  • Advanced car wash control
  • License plate recognition
  • Interface to Logos suite of backend solutions for fleet card handling, loyalty systems for car wash, remote monitoring and –management etc.

UX700 All-in-One

  • We are creating a game changing alternative to proprietary and costly self-service hardware solutions
  • One unit for many use-cases making loyalty, payments as well as customized functions, interfaces etc. available across use-cases while maintaining the same user interface and user journey
  • Cost efficient. Both in investment but very much also in installation as well as maintenance cost. All-in-One is easier to install and replace and does in many cases not require a technician on-site


  • Freestanding OPT version
  • Dispenser integrated versions for

Wayne Helix

Wayne Global Star

Gilbarco SK700

Tokheim Q500/Q510

Petrotec PS5000


EV Charging

  • Card- and mobile payment at EV chargers with the Logos UXL700 or the PaySys 700 solution
  • Charger integrated or free-standing (OPT)
  • Multiple configurations supported with cloud integrations via Logos LUCA or direct to EV charger via LEVP
  • Support for

Fleet Cards

Digital Receipts

Remote monitoring & -management

Interface to ERP systems for transactions etc.

Customized user-interfaces

Car Wash

  • Solutions for tunnel- & roll-over
  • Compatible with all key car wash manufacturers
  • Integration to Logos Connect and Logos Wash Club (loyalty & subscriptions)
  • 3rd Party App Interface
  • Support for Fleet Cards
  • Wash Code generation, re-valuation of Wash Cards
  • License Plate Recognition integration (LPR)
  • Support for QR vouchers

Smart Vending, Coffee Vending and Access

  • Support for Fleet Cards
  • Digital Receipts
  • Integration to VMC backend for control of smart vending machines
  • Integrated Printer
  • Access Codes
  • QR voucher

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