PT Premium

PT Premium is a modern and customer friendly terminal with a large touchscreen and an easy-to-use interface. The terminal is approved for EMV chip cards, contact-less cards (NFC) and MID

The terminal connects to banking systems and TapNet through 3G or 4G communication. MID approved and fulfils the new PCI 3.X standard.
With the terminal connected to Tapnet your station can be configured, controlled and monitored remotely. Many of the more common issues can be resolved without a technician present on
site. PT Premium can also be used with PetroPoint for quick identification of vehicles and secure fuel management.
Connection to dispensers and charging stations
  • PT Premium has protocols for serial connection to all common
    dispenser types and charging stations: 

• Wayne DART 

• Wayne CL 

• Autotank CL 

• Tatsuno 


• Mechanical dispensers 

• Dispensers from a variety of other European manufacturers 

• Charging stations, OCPP protocol

Any number of dispensers can be connected to the terminal – even pumps of different makes can be connected to the same terminal. 

Connecting to Price Signs

Some price signs can be connected directly to PT Premium. When the fuel price is updated in TapNet the change will be reflected both at the dispenser and on the price sign. Even tank gauging systems can be connected to PT Premium. Contact us for information about compatibility!

Refueling using RFID tags

PT Premium G3 also has an RFID tag reader available as an option. The RFID tags are registered in TapNet and connected to a card.
For extra verification, combine the tags with PIN

PT Premium provides you with


• Interface to tank gauging system 
• I/O-card for external alarm
• Petropoint 
• Bank note reader 


Use TapNet to administer and monitor your
stations in real time. All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet access.
Define which alarms to send, as e-mail or text
messages, to one or more recipients. 


Technical support 

We provide technical support adapted to your needs. We have vast experience in forecourt equipment from various suppliers, both old and new and will help you make them work together. 

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