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More than 1000 modern payment terminals for 271 Uno-X stations
New, modern payment terminals and an efficient backend system

Uno-X Automat has upgraded all their Danish filling stations with a new and efficient automatic solution and a backend solution from Logos.

Overall, it covers more than 1000 modern payment terminals for 271 Uno-X stations.

Uno-X customers can pay with contactless credit cards, mobile payment and through their mobile app.

A complete solution

Our deliverables include:

  • PaySys UXL terminals (with and without note readers)
  • I/O modules and ATD modules
  • NetFuel backend solution with interfaces to ERP, card host system, etc.
  • FuelWatch
  • Installation
  • Surveillance
  • Service
Faster payment flow and easier administration

The new terminals provide the opportunity to use contactless Dankort and credit cards as well as MobilePay. This way, the payment flow will be fast.

At the same time, the well-thought-out backend solution allows for both monitoring and easy administration.


State-of-the-art payment solutions for YX Business.
Complete payment solution with surveillance and technical support
For the past 15 years, Logos has been a supplier to YX Business (formerly Uno-X Energi) for terminals and backend systems.

With the upgrade to PaySys terminals and Logos Connect in 2013, YX has a state-of-the-art payment solution today.

Logos has supplied complete payment terminals and backend solutions for YX Business for more than 15 years.


Deliverable for XY Business

Our deliverables to XY Business include:

  • PaySys terminals
  • Logos Connect with an interface to ERP and several card hosts
  • FuelWatch
  • Surveillance
  • Technical support
  • Tatsuno pumps
Filling stations for large vehicles

YX Business currently operates more than 130 petrol stations in Denmark under the name YX Truck. With the experience of thousands of installations at home and abroad, Logos has delivered complete solutions including monitoring and technical support.

Tide Bus

Reliable system to register and manage bus operation.
With LocSys 2015 bus operation is easy to manage and register

Tidebus, who operates busses several places in Denmark, also uses a Logos system to manage and register operations for each bus.

Logos has supplied complete payment terminals and backend solutions for Tide Bus


Easy and user-friendly payment terminals

Tidebus currently uses a Logos terminal of the LocSys 2015 type because:

  • It is easy and simple to use
  • The design is robust
  • It is reliable for outdoor or indoor use
  • You can assign dallas keys to each employee
The terminal LocSys 2015 could do everything Tidebus needed

Tidebus had a number of requests and requirements for their payment solution, and LocSys 2015 could do everything they needed.

In addition to ease of use and reliability, they also have the opportunity to:

  • Register bus number with associated mileage
  • Detect up to four products, e.g. diesel, engine oil, washer fluid and coolant
  • Collect all data in a backend system
  • Make a simple report extract for consumption control

HK Olie

Efficient petrol stations in Jutland, Denmark.
Efficient petrol stations in Jutland, Denmark​

HK Olie is part of the Hornsyld Købmandsgaard group.

HK Olie currently operates 23 filling stations in Jutland and in addition, they also focus on heating oil, lubricating oil and biofuels.

Logos has been involved since the start-up of HK’s petrol stations.

HK Olie and Logos partnership goes back to when HK started


Installation, service and support of payment terminals
  • PaySys terminal
  • LocSys terminals
  • Logos Connect
  • Tatsuno pumps
  • Installation
  • Service
  • Support

HNG Naturgas

Gas stations with compressed biogas.
Terminal for gas filling stations ​

Gas for transportation is making strong progress in Denmark, and HMN Naturgas is one of the major players with 9 filling stations for compressed biogas.

We have been involved in HMN’s entire journey within gas for transportation and have, among other things, supplied terminals and CNG gas dispensers to all of their gas filling stations.

Terminals and CNG gas dispensers for all of HMN’s gas filling stations.​

Our deliverables to HMN
  • CNG dispenser STD11
  • Terminals – PaySys, LocSys & LocFuel
  • Logos Connect
  • Installation
  • Service
  • Support

Polar Oil, Greenland

Payment terminals and back office systems for all Polaroil tank facilities.
Payment terminals and back office systems for oil company in Greenland


Polaroil is Greenland’s national oil company, which has a universal service obligation throughout Greenland.

Polaroil and Logos entered into a close collaboration in 2009, which led to Logos delivering payment terminals and back office systems to all Polaroil’s tank facilities.

We have also supplied more than 100 Tatsuno fuel pumps to Polaroil.

Polaroil’s solutions are designed to withstand the cold and harsh climate without compromising on user-friendliness or reliability.

Fuel sites in the most northern part of the world

Today, Logos supplies terminals, pumps, switchboards, etc. for new facilities and refurbishments of Polaroil’s tank facilities.

In addition, we support Polaroil with installation, service and support.

Our deliveries to Polaroil include:
  • 40+ PaySys terminal
  • 100+ Tatsuno pumps
  • 30+ WebFuel solutions
  • 20+ Shop interfaces
  • 20+ electrical panels

Naturgas Fyn

Payment solution for the first tank facility with compressed gas in Denmark.
Naturally, the first gas fuel site had to have the best solution

In 2011, NGF Nature Energy established the first fuel site with compressed natural gas (CNG) for vehicles in Denmark. Naturally, Logos took part and provided a solution with CNG pump and payment terminal.

The collaboration started with the first gas fuel site in 2011 and during the next ten years, it was expanded with another four sites.

It started with one and ended up with five

Since the first site opened in Odense (island of Fyn, Denmark), NPS has delivered equipment and services to all the subsequent NGF natural gas stations.

Today, NGF Nature Energy has five CNG service stations.

Our deliverables to NGF Nature Energy include:
    • CNG dispenser STD11
    • PaySys payment terminals
    • Logos Connect 
    • Installation
    • Service
    • Surveillance via FuelWatch
    • Support

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