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Modern payment machines for toll stations.
Rationel, intuitive and reliable

At the toll station on the Great Belt Bridge, drivers are greeted by a Logos payment machine:

The front plate is simple in its design, because all communication takes place via a touch screen. A video shows how to insert the card. Blue light indicates the card reader. The receipt comes out quickly. Everything is optimised for as simple and as fast a transaction as possible.

“Logos is good at maintaining user-friendliness, and on the Great Belt Bridge it is more important than ever.”

User-friendliness, design and sparring

“Logos is good at maintaining user-friendliness,” says Operations Manager Palle Nygård from the Great Belt Bridge, “and on the Great Belt Bridge it is more important than ever.”

On busy travel days, more than 50,000 cars have to go through the toll booth.

“The design fits the stylish line we want to keep by the bridge. Logos has provided significant input and been a good partner in both development, design and user-friendliness, ”concludes Palle Nygård.

Quick flow through the toll booth

For the Great Belt Bridge, it was key that the new payment terminals should ensure could pass quickly. And they do.

All the 72 new terminals for the Great Belt Bridge and the Oresund Bridge are designed with user-friendliness in mind and with the best technology. Therefore, the flow through the system is fast, while the drivers’ experience is top-notch.


Complete solution for automatic check-in and ticket machines.
Fully automatic solution ensures easy check-in

Logos has delivered a complete solution for automatic check-in and ticket machines for Scandlines at the Rødby-Puttgarden and Gedser-Rostock crossings.

The solution is built around Logos’ ACINA automatic solution made in types that cover passenger cars, trucks and pedestrians.

The fully automatic solution ensures simple check-in with scanning of reservations made in advance as well as fast payment with both Scandline’s 10-journey tickets, Dankort, credit card or Brobizz to customers who have not booked in advance. Once check-in has taken place, the machine opens the tollbar and the driver can go to the designated lane.

The machines’ customer interface and user flow are adapted to Scandlines’ needs and requirements.

Complete automated solution with the option of remote monitoring

Logos’ solution interfaces with Scandlines’ reservation and ticket system, Nets and Brobizz, and it ensures an overall systemic connection. The vending machines’ customer interface and user flow are adapted to Scandlines’ needs and wishes.

The automation solution for cars, trucks and pedestrians is monitored through ACI Manager, which allows for remote monitoring and control of:

  • Operating status
  • Cameras of roadways
  • User dialogue on vending machines
  • Alarms and logs
  • Open and close of bars
Terminals geared for 90,000 departures

In 2015, Scandlines took a total of 15 million passengers, 3.3 million passenger cars, 900,000 freight units and 65,000 buses on the Rødby-Puttgarden, Gedser-Rostock and Helsingør-Helsingborg crossings.


Upgrading of existing vending machines and backend system.
Upgrading of existing vending machines and backend system.

When Molslinjen had to expand its check-in area in Aarhus, the choice was to upgrade the entire system with Logos’ ACINA check-in and payment terminals as well as ACI Manager and PayManager back-end systems for the administration and monitoring of the overall solution.

The solution is prepared purchases of additional offers, e.g. on the restaurants on the ferries.

The terminals' interface matches Molslinjen's app and website

The terminals’ customer interface and user flow has been executed so there is a clear connection to the Molslinjen app and website for booking tickets, among other things. The solution provides the possibility for customers to buy special offers in the restaurants from the terminals on the express ferries, for example.

Logos’ solution has an interface to Molslinjen’s reservation and ticket system, Nets, Brobizz and ensures an overall system consistency.

Molslinjen has added a complete solution with terminals, ANPR cameras, etc. for: 

Simple check-in with scanning of reservations and quick payment

The fully automatic solution ensures simple check-in with the scanning of reservations made via the app or website as well as fast payment with Molslinjen’s trip card, Dankort, credit card or Brobizz for customers who have not reserved beforehand.

Once the check-in is completed, the terminal opens the barrier and the motorist can drive onwards on the indicated lane.

We try our very best to...

Simplify complexity: 

At Logos, we recognize the difficulty inherent in our work and strive to make the complex as simple as possible. The underlying complexity should be invisible to the customer.

Preserve flexibility: 

We are committed to offering relevant customizations and thinking in terms of open ecosystems, integrating seamlessly into our customers’ businesses. By accommodating our customers’ unique characteristics, we maintain the flexibility they appreciate and often struggle to find elsewhere.

Deliver great quality:

Our solutions are unmanned and typicially outdoor. We know that quality is key to success and true to the Logos brand. This includes maintaining a continuous focus on production, materials, service, and more.

Be easy to do business with: 

We ensure that our processes are modern and easy to conduct business with, prioritizing efficiency at every step.

Logos creates leading self-service payment solutions across a wide range of industries

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