Special Solutions Cases


Upgrade and extension of vending machines.
Complete upgrade of payment solution

Logos delivered a complete PCI upgrade of the payment solution for the approx. 600 travel card machines for filling up Rejsekort (travel cards).

The solution ensures an economical life extension of the existing vending machines, while the user interface and backend systems remain unchanged.

Collaboration with the developer of the travel card system

Logos provided the solution to Thales, who has developed and delivered the travel card system for Rejsekort.

Thales was responsible for the actual upgrade of the travel card machines and also carries out ongoing servicing of the solution.

Efficient and economical product life extension
Logo’s deliverable for Rejsekort includes an upgrade of existing machines:
  • New PIN pad
  • New Chip and magnet card reader
  • New Nets-certified payment software
  • New simple and efficient POS interface

The solution ensures an efficient and economical extension of product life of the existing machines, and at the same time, the user interface, backend systems, etc., could remain unchanged.


Easy and fast entrance registration, self-service and payment at the rides.
Customised solutions


Since 1996, Logos has created customised solutions to Tivoli and we provide, among other things, solutions for entrance registration as well as self-service and payment for the rides.

An example is the Gold Terminal, which can be found at the entrances and efficiently serves guests with Tivoli’s annual card for the benefit of both guests and staff.

Layout and interface are customised to fit Tivoli’s design guides.

Overview ofkey figures
Logos’ solutions collect and compile visitor numbers, use of cards at the entrance, use of rides, etc. This gives Tivoli the opportunity to see the current number of visitors at any time.


Efficient self-service solutions for common laundries.
Self-service solutions that work day and night
For more than 30 years, Logos has been the supplier of self-service solutions for multi-housing laundries to Miele A/S’ professional division.

Currently, the solutions add up to more than 30,000 installations in more than 3,500 locations in Denmark; primarily in housing associations and student homes.

The self-service solutions are also used in Norway, the Netherlands and Germany.


Fast entry registration and new payment terminals increase sales.
VendingCAT increases sales

Logos has a long-term collaboration with the Zoo in Copenhagen around e.g. entrance registration and payment terminals.

108 percent. That is how much Copenhagen Zoo has increased the turnover in several of the garden’s vending machines with soft drinks after it became possible to pay with cards and not just with coins. A large part of the increased revenue comes from international payment cards.

”When you add in the benefit of an easier operation, I would estimate that the investment in card payment breaks even after just one year.”

A large revenue potential is realised by offering card payment

“We have increased the number of vending machines in recent years, and it has been a pleasant surprise to see the great revenue potential we can realise by offering card payments. Part of the secret is that via our redemption agreement with Teller it is also possible to pay with international cards. It is definitely a ‘must’ for a place like the Zoo. A large part of our 1.2 million annual guests come from abroad and rarely carry small coins. We must also not forget that many Danes today also have international debit or credit cards in their pockets “, says Palle Juhl Taulov, who is responsible for the Zoo’s commercial sales.ity’s best vantage points.

Entrance registration and payment

Logos has developed a solution that reads the barcode on the tickets and provides quick access. Every year, about 1.2 million guests go through the counters to experience all kinds of wild animals in the ZOO at Valby Bakke in Copenhagen, and it requires a simple access system to cope with the pressure.

Logos has also provided a simple and fast payment machine based on VendingCAT for admission to the Zoo tower, where you have one of the city’s best vantage points.

We try our very best to...

Simplify complexity: 

At Logos, we recognize the difficulty inherent in our work and strive to make the complex as simple as possible. The underlying complexity should be invisible to the customer.

Preserve flexibility: 

We are committed to offering relevant customizations and thinking in terms of open ecosystems, integrating seamlessly into our customers’ businesses. By accommodating our customers’ unique characteristics, we maintain the flexibility they appreciate and often struggle to find elsewhere.

Deliver great quality:

Our solutions are unmanned and typicially outdoor. We know that quality is key to success and true to the Logos brand. This includes maintaining a continuous focus on production, materials, service, and more.

Be easy to do business with: 

We ensure that our processes are modern and easy to conduct business with, prioritizing efficiency at every step.

Logos creates leading self-service payment solutions across a wide range of industries

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