Car Wash cases

Wash World

Upgrade to a new and efficient payment terminals
Fast payment flow and easy integration to other systems

WashWorld chose the PaySys UXL terminal because of:

  • Customised graphic design on 10.4″ screen
  • Easy and efficient payment flow
  • Payment with contactless cards without PIN code
  • Payment with MobilePay, QR and Bluetooth
  • Integration with WashWorld’s car wash club
  • Integration with professional equipment for number plate recognition
Payment transactions based on safe technology

The new payment terminal, PaySys UXL, includes Logos’ UXL solution, which allows reading of contactless Dankort and credit cards.

UXL is a solution package with payment modules for integration in self-service terminals. The solution is based on modules from Verifone and Nets’ PSAM.

The payment terminal gives allows for using contactless payment cards.


Luxury car wash in Denmark from the German manufacturer “Christ”.
A collaboration that goes back years

Wennstrom Wash Systems installs, services and sells luxury car wash facilities in Denmark from the German manufacturer “Christ”.

For many years, they have bought and installed payment terminals from Logos at their car wash facilities on the Danish market.

It’s possible to adapt the terminals for loyalty program, CodeWash and Wash Club.

Simple system and efficient payment flow

Wennstrom Wash Systems chose Logos’ payment solutions because we had proven experience in installing, servicing and monitoring systems. It gave them peace of mind and confidence that we could solve the task.

In addition, they emphasised that we:

  • Are a local supplier who knows the Danish market
  • Have a flexible product range with terminals for all purposes
  • Have an easy and efficient payment flow
  • Have high reliability
The terminals can be adapted to special needs
  • The Logos solution offered Wennstrom the following advantages:
  • Adaptable terminals for specific needs, such as:
  • Loyalty programs for stand-alone car wash facilities with wash keys and refueling options
  • CodeWash for workshops and petrol stations to maintain customer contact
  • Easy setup of car wash clubs, even for single owners
  • Simple invoicing system for business customers
  • Customized card management solutions for truck wash facilities.

Super Wash Norge

Car wash facilities in Norway.
Payment terminals for SuperWash car wash​

Logos has delivered payment systems to Holta & Håland who installs, services and sells car wash in Norway.

Holta & Håland has, among other things, delivered PaySys payment terminals to SuperWash in Stavanger, Norway.

Logos has supplied complete payment terminals and backend solutions for XY Business for more than 15 years.


Same payment system across several sites

SuperWash chose Logos’ PaySys terminal because:

  • Automatic refuelling of value key on the PaySys terminals
  • Create pro forma invoices for business customers
  • Print 6-digit wash codes in several stores
  • A backend system for SuperWash


Parking solutions and toll road payment systems.
Leading supplier of parking solutions in Norway​

NorTronic is one of Norway’s leading suppliers of parking solutions as well as payment systems for toll roads.

For many years, NorTronic and Logos have collaborated on payment modules and parking solutions, PARKO and Park Manager, on the Norwegian market.

In addition, NorTronic has successfully introduced VendingCAT and PayManager to its solution package for toll roads.

A strong collaboration with over 1.000 installations in Norway.

A collaboration that unites unique expertise​

The collaboration unites Logos’ technology and NorTronic’s unique competencies on the Norwegian market.

For example, PARKO was installed for the City of Copenhagen and is a modern solution with an intuitive user interface via a colour touch screen, the market’s fastest transaction times and the option of contactless payments, among other things.

NorTronic and Logos have more than 1,000 installations on the Norwegian market.

Logos creates leading self-service payment solutions across a wide range of industries

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